Introducing: Generation X

Introducing Generation X

The initial name of this generation was “Gen Bust”, as the birth rates were substantially lower than the ones during the Baby Boom. Whenever the birthdate is between 1965 and 1979, the person is considered to be part of the generation X. Even though this generation only makes out one fourth of the U.S. population, their purchasing power already represents 31% of the total U.S. income.

GenerationX_US infographic

They are already fully integrated into the job-market, pay their own rent and are working on building and improving their career. For this generation, the work-life balance is especially important, as they find time more valuable than money.  They strive for further development possibilities not only at work, but also in their private life. Members of this generation were the first ones to witness the introduction of the internet, cell phones and computers.

Generation X Baby Bust Characteristics

Purchase and Online Behavior

When the digital world came around, generation X have already been shopping in-store for years. Now, they are a hybrid in terms of shopping, as they still enjoy shopping in-store. However, they also enjoy the benefits of purchasing things conveniently online. Gen Xers are believed to be very dedicated to lists while shopping, however, they also admit to impulse purchasing while shopping.

This generation is known as savvy, meaning, that they make well informed choices and purchases. This need to make informed decisions can be traced back to their skeptical attitude towards marketing tactics and their avoidance of being a target of those, therefore, they actively engage in research about companies and their products and services.

GenerationX Baby Bust Characteristics

Members of the generation X are known to be more resistant towards current trends, however, they support altruistic values of companies. Therefore, they are more likely to support a company that offers products and services that somehow benefit the society, communities or the environment. One example for this kind of company is Toms, who with each pair of shoes purchased, are donating one pair of shoes to a child in need. These “altruistic” actions are part of what made the company hugely successful.

GenerationX shopping behavior illustration baby bust

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Generation Y,  also known as Millennials, are born between 1980 and 1995. In the U.S., they are already responsible for 1.3 trillion dollars of yearly spending, which is equal to 20% of the nation’s total.

Generation Z are born after 1995 and they are considered the future of global economy. By 2020 this generation will be the largest group of consumers worldwide.

In order to target the audience better it is crucial to know where the target audience spends time (online). Another important factor is to be informed about which format of advertising they prefer in order to increase the efficiency even more.

A great summary of the whole series that draws conclusions from the different articles and insights. This enables a sound understanding of the most important outcomes from the research of Generation X, Y and Z.

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