three steps to rapid innovation

An outstanding service by EN GARDE Design Company for organizations that want agile and efficient product development sprints.

Let’s solve business challenges by creating a startup spirit within your corporate environment.

With ºorbit, EN GARDE Design Company has created a rapid innovation program, designed to help corporations succeed in a world where the need for breakthrough products and services is constantly growing.

What is the goal of ºorbit?

ºorbit has been designed to identify business needs while simultaneously reducing risks and minimising unnecessary steps. For an idea to become an innovation, both your organisation and your customers have to buy it. We can help you solving problems faster by combining logical business thinking and creative design thinking.

We will unite teams of professionals from different areas of your company with the highly skilled interdisciplinary think tank of EN GARDE, both sharing a common ambition – the future of your business.

Two or more teams will be exposed to a high-pressure environment, in order to generate diverse ideas your organisation and customers will benefit from.

Three steps to rapid innovation

To bring the future into the present, it takes a clear vision, openness to experimentation and a great deal of passion. The ºorbit program focuses on what drives meaningful innovation, thus allowing for rapid solutions for complex business challenges.

1. We define the challenge

The program begins with a summary of the issues which is prepared by EN GARDE in close collaboration with you. You decide which problems we will approach together. We cover a broad spectrum: marketing, business, application and system innovation, brand and product innovation, as well as improving customer retention or mastering the challenge of reaching new market segments.

2. We create ideas and reflect on them

Over the next three days, the EN GARDE design and innovation team together with you will experiment with ideation, testing and finding solutions for your challenge.

3. We bring it to the market

The outcome of our three-day workshop will be presented by us. The best proposals will be forwarded to you to be discussed internally for further evaluation. Once you have decided which proposal you want to adopt, EN GARDE can assist you in the implementation process and in just a few weeks, generate an MVP (minimum viable product) as well as a potential alpha release.

What will your three days at ºorbit look like?

Day One

ºorbit takes all collected data and ideas into consideration and dives deeply into your industry. Two or more teams are created, and our ideas undergo guerilla testing in the streets.

Doing this at such an early stage allows us to evaluate which ideas we want to proceed with. One of the most important innovation principles of EN GARDE is: “The best way to learn is to create something concrete.“

Day Two

On the second day, the insight gathered on day one is re-evaluated within each team, and the next steps are agreed upon. Through this approach, EN GARDE wants you and your team to actively participate in a process where new products and services are developed. Consequently, we can remove unteasable ideas and focus on solutions that can make a difference for your customers.

Day Three

On the final day of ºorbit, the teams are brought back together. Results are collected and refined, and each team presents their concepts and final solutions. EN GARDE moderates the whole process, evaluates and recommends which solution should be pushed to the next level of development.

What are the costs?

We don’t set a fixed price on our rapid innovation program! Each ºorbit session is tailored to your specific needs on which our offer will be based.

Why work with EN GARDE?

The work with our clients is based on our entrepreneurial spirit and the mission: Use your ideas to make people happy. We encourage our clients to change their perspective on challenges and broaden their horizons to create new services and products.

We think and work in an open-minded setting, without restricting competences by silo mentality. With you and your team as our client, our focus is on creating and innovating your brand, products and services to offer the best possible customer experience.

What clients EN GARDE works with?

EN GARDE Design Company works with hidden champions, small- and medium enterprises and with global organizations with 20k+ employees.

To name some Tele – Your Smart Factory, POSCH Leibnitz, JUFA Hotel Group, Kastner & Öhler AG, A1 – Telekom Austria Group, GRAWE Insurance or Erste Bank Group.

Whats next on Rapid Innovation?

You like our design and customer centered approach on rapid innovation, let’s talk about your needs and challenges where EN GARDE Design Company can support you with.

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