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In recent years telecom giant A1 Telekom Austria Group has been expanding its footprint across central and eastern Europe with market presence in Austria, Bulgaria, Belarus, Croatia, North Macedonia, Serbia and Slovenia.

Since summer 2021 all markets are aligned under the A1 Brand. As part of this alignment project many group wide projects have been set up to allow better coordination between the markets on processes such as branding, marketing and also recruitment.



One of the first steps was the creation of a group wide employer value proposition, which was developed with stakeholders from all A1 markets and driven by the Group HR department. The result of this project was a set of internal procedures and processes to deal with recruitment of new employees, efficiently and aligned across the countries. For the outside world this employer value proposition was embodied by the claim #Makeithappen. 

Seven countries - one job portal

As a follow up of the #Makeithappen employer value proposition, A1 Group HR decided to develop a group wide job page which would replace the local job pages, creating a group wide platform, not only for jobs and employer branding but also to show A1 as an employer through the eyes of the employees themselves. 

The A1 Job Portal features jobs for 7 countries, offering various content in 8 languages reaching out to thousands of users throughout Europe. 

structure, content & flexibility

Apart from the technical challenges to align all incoming job offers from the various countries and business units and distribute the offers to the national job markets a lengthy conceptual process was required to merge group wide strategy and employer value proposition with local recruitment strategies and employer branding activities. 


The result is a lean menu structure focusing on three main pillars for the Job Portal: We are A1, Working at A1 and Apply Now. We are A1, offering the view of A1 as the employer whereas Working at A1 showcases the employee perspective. Finally, Apply Now holds the various recruitment streams and a first job board. Within these pillars group and local content was merged giving a mix of strategy and purpose statements and real life implementations and experiences of those concepts. 


Since local programmes and initiatives have been greatly encouraged by A1 the Job Portal offers various sections and handles specific content country per country. The Croatian section has a blog, the Austrian section a whole section for students and apprentices and Slovenia and Serbia share content relevant for both neighbouring countries. 

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