When, in 2015, the owners of the local contemporary art fair Viennafair decided to move away from its current location to a new venue across town the event needed a full rebranding and repositioning to fit the ambitions of ownership to grow the event into a leading European contemporary art fair with a special focus on art of central and eastern Europe.

Thanks through a bold rebranding and clear branding concept the event gained a very recognisable image, making the event stand out locally and internationally, contributing to the visibility and current position of the event in the global contemporary art market.

Each year one colour

One of the main achievements was the developed branding concept which evolved from year to year organically, with the addition of new details and suppression of other details year after year, all revolving around a typographical solution and a changing color concept.

In the event design the subtle branding ticked all the boxes regarding needs to transport information, allowing fluid navigation through the event and offering visibility to sponsors and partners without interacting with the presented art works and distracting from the majestic features of the new venue.

Overview Signs_4

The branding concept has been evolved for each edition of the event since 2015.

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