Team & Culture

It all started in 2006 when we opened our doors for the first time, with the vision of breaking down the borders between digital and classical communication and bringing brands and products closer to their customers on every touchpoint.

We’ve adapted and expanded a great deal since those early days, but we’ve always focused our entire thinking on one question before producing anything:

How can our ideas make people happy?  


From experience, other agencies tend to put themselves above the client , as if they knew best before even getting to work.

We don’t work like that. Instead we listen. Once we’ve developed a deep understanding of what the client is trying to achieve, we can get to work to produce targeted, effective and unique ideas. Even after the creative process has begun, the dialogue continues and our ears and doors are always open. This approach results in a much healthier relationship among all parties involved.

Naturally, we’re very proud of the work we do and our healthy portfolio illustrates this – but it’s the strong, mutual and consistent dialogue with the clients that makes it so valuable.

EN GARDE is part of the revolution that turned the tables on how creative companies work. No matter the role, junior or senior, the EN GARDE team of creatives, designers, developers, consultants and project managers works as a tight unit to get fresh, innovative and effective results for every client.

What we do is our lifeblood. That’s what makes people happy.


We have a creative obligation to constantly search for better ways to work and produce stunning results that have both style and substance. We embrace change of every kind, but we won’t jump on the bandwagon and follow trends just for the hell of it. We love what we do, but more importantly, we want our clients to love what we do and want them to be happy and successful.


Our creative team speaks a range of languages but there’s one tonality we all share. Yes, we like to work hard, but a positive spirit and sense of humour are vital and part of our working culture. So we take our work seriously – but not always ourselves! Our creative hub is big, but not big enough for massive egos and arrogance. The great idea is always the winner. 


When a client has a concept in mind, no matter if it’s loose or very concrete, they are expressing a vision for the future of their brand. Our job is to take that vision and turn it into something sustainable and believable. It’s more than simply producing an advert or creating a brand, and these days there are a lot of template ‚quick fix‘ solutions out there. This isn’t the way we work. Instead, we try to create the exceptional, not the conventional.  

And the work we create? We want our clients to be happy, that our work supports them to innovate and grow their business.


As the saying goes, ‚All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy‘ – whoever Jack is. After creating stunning results for our clients, we fire up the grill on our beautiful sundeck and enjoy the view upon our beloved Graz, or mix some nice drinks in our Vienna office. We put on some cool grooves and let the good times roll. Hard work really does pay off.